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I’m full-stack freelance developer with Bachelors degree in multimedia engineering. I have almost 10 years of experience developing for web. My native tongue is Lithuanian and I speak English fluently. I’ve spent past 6 years living in Malta – learning great deal about iGaming industry. I’ve been specialising in front-end for majority of my career, but picked up a lot a back-end skills in each of my roles.

My professional career

KafeRocks: Affiliate marketing company – producing reviews for all major iGaming providers. The review sites are highly SEO sensitive and performance is one of the key criteria. Reviews sites are built with React framework – Gatsby. Role required to work closely with front-end, back-end developers, together with design, product and other stake holders, including CTO and Head of SEO to fulfil requirements of the product. In turn this role is very high in responsibility as the product is improved incrementally and a lot of changes are going live weekly.

Projects: casinoscanada.com, casinon.info, migliorcasinobonus.com

StreamAMG: Providing platform to serve VOD and Live content for sports clubs. I was responsible for front-end architecture and API that served data to front-end. Headless WordPress was used on back-end and customised WordPress REST api. Each video on the site would have different permissions, which would allow user to view content – based on user role and video permissions(paid, free). To handle user payments – custom stripe api has been integrated.

Projects: pdc.tv, video.liverpoolfc.com, livebasketball.tv, lagarderesports-portal.com

Experience as freelance developer(2015-2017)

I’ve spent couple years working as freelance developer. As freelance developer I encountered a lot of different technologies and architectures, which taught me to adapt quickly to technology, client and product. In turn this experience also helped me to develop my communication skills when it comes to extracting product requirements from a client. Link to my portfolio on freelancing platform – available upon request.

Personal projects:

livinmalta.com: real-estate listing SPA with angular and firebase. Firebase was used for storage, database and user authentication – allowing user to use their own email or any major social platforms to register. Another major functionality was mobile notification – user would get phone(push) notification when listing matching users search result has been added. Live project can only be viewed on wayback machine(local demo available upon request).

My designs as production artist: campussuite.com/design

My early career(2012-2017)

  • MediaPlan – marketing company. My role was creating: landing pages, data scrapers & bots;
  • PlatinGaming – casino company. My role was to build horse betting interface with jQuery and handlebars. Also role included Worpdress site administrating and development(hosting & server setup, migrating….);
  • Sekasoft – organisation management software. My role was frontend developer, primarily working with Sharepoint and Angular 1.x;
  • DataDog(now Satalia) –  e-commerce. My role was a PSD slicer to JS/HTML Woocommerce themes;
  • KTU E-learning Technology Centre – e-learning platform developer/provider. My role was PHP, CSS, HTML developer. Primarily working on small featured and design updates on various projects;

My tools, so far…

I have wide expertise as web developer, as I worked on wide range of projects, which required me to learn many different tools and programming paradigms.

Programming languages: 1. Javascript + typescript(most experience) 2. PHP(for common web use cases) 3. Python(just enough to build arduino projects) 4. C# & Java(used in Uni. days to make 3D and 2D games)

Javascript logo Typescript logo PHP logo Python logo

Frontend frameworks: React, Angular & Gatsby

React logo Angular logo GatsbyJs logo

Server side: nodejs, express & gcloud suite

NodeJs logo ExpressJs logo Google cloud logo 

Javascript bundler: webpack

Webpack logo

Data querying: graphql & mysql

GraphQL logo MySQL logo

Dabatases: mongodb & firebase

MongoDB logo Firebase logo

Unit & e2e testing: jest, cypress & browserstack

Jest logo Cypress logo

Scraping/crawling: puppeteer, nightwatch & casper

Puppeteer logoNightwatchJs logo CasperJs logo

Clean code: For all my projects I’m using typescript, linting tools such as prettier and eslint to enforce hints and rules for faster and more precise development process.

Typescript logo Prettier logo esLint logo

UI/UX styling tools: scss, css, css-modules & material design;

Sass logoCSS-Modules logo Material design logo

Virtualization tools: VM virtualbox & docker

Docker logo VirtualBox logo

Content management systems/platforms: WordPress & Kaltura

Wordpress logo Kaltura logo

Analytics: google analytics & google tag manger

As frontend developer big part of the role is to provide visibility and data from users to our stakeholders. For that I’ve been using google analytics and google tag manager.

Google analytics logo Google Tag Manager logo

Other tools I have experience with: jQuery, handlebars;

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